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The MC3 controller offers down hole control of BLDC motors.  The field proven design is robust and occupies a small physical envelope.  The controller may be supplied mounted to a standard mechanical chassis or on a fit-for-purpose chassis to suit customer needs. 


  • Control of BLDC motors in harsh environments

  • Control of downhole BLDC motors


  • Rugged and compact design

  • Simple voltage control of BLDC motors

  • Built-in power supply

Standard Features

  • Temperature Rating: 302F/150C

  • Max Voltage: 300 V Operation

  • Control: Hall sensor

  • Board Dimensions: 1“ x  8.625”

Optional Features

  • Temperature Rating: 350F/175C

  • 600 V Operation

  • Control: Sensorless

  • Board Dimensions: build to suit

  • Mounted dim.: build to suit

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