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We use ANSYS to conduct stress, thermal, kinematic, dynamic and fatigue analyses.

Finite element analysis offers:

  • Understanding

  • Optimization

  • Verification


By using finite element analysis, the physics of a system can be visualized in a way that physical testing cannot provide. Load sharing between components can be studied, thermal gradients can be established, and component deformation determined. Greater understanding enables a more robust design.


Finite element analysis allows multiple design iterations to be tested quickly. With each iteration, the design will move closer to an optimal solution. Different design concepts can be compared without having to manufacture any parts. Whichever your key design criteria are - weight, stiffness, strength - FEA can help you reach the ultimate goal.


To verify a product is fit-for-purpose, physical testing is of course ultimately required. However, finite element analysis can allow these tests to be performed with a high degree of outcome certainty.

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