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Non-Explosive Setting Tool

The Non-Explosive Setting tool offers setting of plugs, packers and straddles on wireline.


Electrohydraulic operation eliminates safety concerns with explosive setting tools and pressure limitations as with hydrostatically operated tools.  The base tool operates with optional setting modules depending on the setting force required.


At setting depth, the operator activates the Non-Explosive Setting Tool and has the ability to monitor the entire setting process in real-time.  The tool is designed for low maintenance and ease of use.  It is quickly turned around for additional runs without the need to open and redress the tool.


Jobs may be run on e-line or slickline using the Slickline Trigger slickline battery activation Module.


  • Plug setting

  • Hanger setting

  • Straddle setting

swst module.jpg


  • Non-explosive system

  • Real-time setting indication - E-line

  • Supplied with surface software and ​​

       power supply

  • Preprogram run sequence - slickline

  • Single base tool with two optional 

       setting modules​

  • 302F/150C Temperature rating

  • 20,000 psi Pressure rating

  • E-line compatible

  • NACE MR0175 compliant



  • Slick-line compatibility 

  • Real-time wellbore temp. feedback

  • Real-time wellbore pressure feedback

  • 350F/175C Temperature rating

  • 20,000 + psi Pressure rating 

  • NACE MR-01-75 VI compliant

  • Coiled tubing or workover rigs - eliminated

  • Through-tubing applicable

  • Real-time confirmation of set

  • Low maintenance

  • No re-dressing between runs

  • Ideal for remote or offshore locations


Optional Features

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