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The WireFlate wireline inflatable plug and packer setting system utilizes the inflatable setting tool and thru-tubing Hi-EX PLUG enabling setting of inflatable plugs and packers on wireline.  

The system standard 1 11/16" OD and 2 1/8" OD tools utilize wellbore fluid for inflation, thereby minimizing length.

At setting depth, the operator activates the system and has the ability to monitor the entire inflation process in real-time. Jobs may be run on e-line or slickline using the SlikTRIG slickline battery activation Module.


  • Non-explosive system

  • Wireline deployed - no coiled tubing or workover rig required

  • Utilizes well fluid or fluid carried downhole for inflation

  • Real-time inflation and setting indication - E-line

  • Supplied with surface software and power supply

  • Preprogram run sequence and record - slick-line

  • Release device compatible



  • Thru-tubing applicable

  • Coiled tubing and workover rig systems - eliminated

  • Ideal for remote or offshore locations - low operational footprint, quick and simple rig-up

  • High expansion plugs run through restrictions and set in larger wellbore below


Inflatable Setting Tool


Inflatable Setting Tool


  • Wellbore fluid inflation system

  • 302F/150C Temperature rating

  • 1 11/16" OD: 15,000 psi rating

  • 2 1/8" OD: 20,000 psi rating

  • High output pressure

  • High flow rate

  • NACE MR-01-75 compliant

Optional Features

  • Slickline compatibility​​

  • Fluid carry option

  • Real-time wellbore temp. feedback

  • Real-time wellbore pressure feedback

  • 350F/175C Temperature rating

  • NACE MR-01-75 VI compliant

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