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The HeadSENSE tool offers real-time monitoring of downhole head tension.  Head tension measurements enable the operator to increase pump-down speed and efficiency while reducing the risk of cable head pump-off; and verify the downhole tension prior to a cable release. 

The tool is available in both 1 11/16" and 2 3/4" diameters. The 1 11/16” OD tool is run inside an over-the-line weight bar immediately below the cable head and above the CCL. Other tool sizes are available.  The 2 3/4" tool is run below the CCL and is the shortest tension tool available.


  • Pump - down Plug and Perf

  • Plug and Packer setting and pulling​


  • Measures real-time tension

  • Measures real-time compression

  • "Plug and Play" with Warrior surface systems and perforating switches



  • Enable safe cable tension in deviated wells

  • Increase pump-down speed and efficiency

  • Reduce risk of cable head pump-off

  • Verify downhole tension during cable release

  • Verify downhole tension during plug and packer pulling 


tenstion tool table.JPG
tension tool.JPG.jpg
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